Our story

“Located in Little Marcle, a hilly spot just outside of Ledbury, Sixteen Ridges looks over what must be one of the prettiest vineyards in Britain. With tremendous views of vineyards and fruit farms stretching for miles and historic towns set into the distance you’d be forgiven for thinking that you were in the sleepy vineyards of France or Germany”


Bernadette Costello, 2016, Taste The Marches

The Sixteen Ridges vineyard was planted in 2007 under the careful guidance of Simon Day. Following extensive research and expansive knowledge of the soils and climate in Herefordshire and Worcestershire, the 6 acre vineyard was planted with Pinot Noir. A variety which is not only known and loved my many connoisseur, but thrives in the UK climate.

The Sixteen Ridges vineyard resides on a sheltered Worcestershire hillside within a natural amphitheatre, with views stretching south along the Severn River valley; it captures maximum warmth and sunlight.


Closer to Simon’s home in Ledbury, in 2012 successful commercial orchard owner Cilla Clive planted, under Simon’s advice, 4 acres of vines at Redbank. The productivity of this site proved to be astonishing, a combination of excellent farming and prime location. In 2016 a further 4 acres were planted with plans to plant a further 4 acres in the next couple of years.

Our first small crop from Redbank was bottled at the end of 2014 & the second, larger harvest, our extremely popular Bacchus 2015 vintage, in the middle of 2016.

The growing potential of Redbank vineyard led Simon, Cilla and Angus; Cilla’s son, neighbour and entrepreneurial founder of Haygrove Ltd, to create a new business; Haygrove Evolution, under which our range of wine and cider businesses operate, this includes contract wine and cider making, vineyard consultancy, vine supply, branded sparkling wine production, and of course our award winning range of Wine, Cider, Perry, Juice and Ice wine.

Our winery resides at Redbank overlooking the picturesque market town of Ledbury and is steeped in heritage and history as documents from Herefordshire Cathedral from the 13th century detail that St. Thomas Cantilupe instructed the replanting of the Ledbury vineyard, on the south facing slopes of Wall Hills. It is our pleasure to replant over 750 years on & to call Redbank home to our winery.