Alongside our own wine production and as part of the overarching company, Haygrove Evolution Ltd, Production Director Simon Day has been working closely with a large specialist grapevine nursery in Germany to deliver the best quality grafted vines since 2001. He took over from his father who had been supplying vines to UK vineyards since the mid 1970’s; between them they have supplied an estimated 2 million vines to the UK market.

The vines which we import for sale in the UK are from certified virus free stock, complete with EC plant passports and are one year old, pruned with the grafted union re-waxed prior to despatch ensuring that the vines reach our customers in the best condition. We continue to supply a considerable number of grafted vines from France & Germany, and since joining forces with Haygrove Ltd, growers of conventional and organic fruit in the UK, South Africa and Portugal, now farming over 400 hectares, we are now able to offer our own propagated rootstock. Together, we have been developing our own vine nursery, the first of its kind in the UK, propagating circa 20,000 plants per year. In our 5th season, we are planning to expand to 50,000 vines to keep up with demand.

These vines are on their own roots, pot grown in clean substrate, individually fertigated to establish excellent root mass and top growth. The vines undergo an annual inspection by a government Plant Heath and Seeds Inspector and have been granted plant passports as virus free.

Therefore we are now able to offer our customers both a choice of grafted vines (the usual wide range of varieties and rootstock choices) as well as our own-rooted vines; Pinot Noir, Pinot Noir Early, Seyval Blanc and Madeleine Angevine.

Take a look at the wide variety of the Vines Available to us from our partners in Germany before getting in touch for a quote.